safe spaces

If you work in a place that is friendly to hiring people with body mods, including piercings, tattoos that are visible, implants, or the like, please post and tell us about your awesome bosses, so we can support them by bringing our business their way!

If you work for people who discriminate or make you hide your piercings and tattoos, please post and let us know who they are, so we can take our money to a safer space!

I'll update ever-other-daily, and if I get enough submissions I'll host a big list of pro and con businesses nationwide.

Include; the name and town of the business you're telling us about, what they do or do not allow, whether or not you were informed of it when you were hired, if it's company policy or just that one rude manager, and what kind of work you do there (you don't have to be too specific if you'd like to stay anonymous.)


Anonymous said...

anyone can comment, you do not need a profile or anything, and you can remain anonymous. Just invent a name, or call yourself anonymous.

blasphemouskell said...

Kohls...though it says no extremes in anything including jewelry, I get by with gauged ears, my cheeks pierced and a labret stud...they never once commented. I even once had a lip ring in before i had my cheeks done and they didn't mind...i just wanted to wear less metal to work so i switched to a stud. i also sometimes go into work wearing my septum and before i get on the floor i put it complaints. they are really adjust a little for them, they will work for you. i love my job as a cashier and it starts a lot of conversations with curious customers..the cheek piercings. Kohls, the one i work at is really cool and i think i can say they are "mod friendly" considering how strict other places are.

resonanteye said...

sweet! Kohl's, the one you work at at least, sounds good

Anonymous said...

I used to work at Target, and they don't care at all. My ears are 3/4'' stretched and I wear tunnels all the time. I also have both sides of my nose pierced and my monroe pierced. They never once said anything. They hire for "diversity" so I think they actually liked it :)

safe spaces